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Don’t Be A Zombie Bride: 3 Top Tips for Wedding Planning Survival Success. (First Installation of 4- Part DIY Series: Wedding Planning Survival Success)


Being a DIY Bride myself, I thought it only fitting to give our readers some tips and tricks in this growing area in Wedding Planning.
Therefore, I am pleased to present the first installment of our DIY Series: Wedding Planning Survival Success.

Weddings are Special Events! Anyone who has ever been a part of, attended, heard about, or seen a wedding knows this. Therefore, it’s no surprise that in the planning for the Grand Day, every bride feels as though she is under extreme and intense pressure!

She knows she is expected to have all her ‘fabulous’ “ducks in a row” for the Momentous Day and thus, ‘wow’ her guests.

She is expected to lay out a sensational, organized event; look drop dead gorgeous and make Ginger Rogers look like Wendy Williams on Season 12 of Dancing With The Stars.

Hence, every bride is expected to be The Ultimate Super Bride!

What is your colour scheme? Do you have a theme? What feeling do you want to evoke? What’s your budget? How many are they in the wedding party? What kind of reception are you having? What’s on the menu? Is it an indoor or outdoor venue?

Her sleep space is overtaken with re-occurring nightmares of these frightening questions chasing her (while she’s well cladded in bridal gear) through a wedding decorated forest. She trips and falls, and the blood sucking questions finally devour her. Then, transforming her mangled form into a Walking Dead version of the Zombie Bride.

Yes, as horrid as it sounds, these questions can seem all-consuming and endless. While all the possible answers make for feelings of complete paralytic indecisiveness. Its true, weddings are known to make the most organized girl feel like a total basket case.

But before you ladies fall into the overwhelming, almost crippling “too-much-to-do-don’t-know-where-to-start-am- I-getting-anywhere?” state, please read on for the 3 Top Tips for Wedding Survival Success.

I’m seriously hoping that this article helps you to sleep easier during the planning period, as well as find comfort and confidence in making your Big Day choices. So that you won’t be that Zombie Bride!

#1 Get it Right (From Your Soul) – Meditate!
This is the first step on your journey to maintaining Wedding Planning sanity. Whether this is done through prayer or yoga, find some quiet time for yourself! Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take a breath, shut out the world and let your meditation start!

Meditating helps you to:

  •  Visualize your Wedding Day. See your beautiful self in a place you want to be and feel the vibe you want for the occasion. Feel with all your senses.
  • Focus and de-clutter your mind. Only allowing yourself to see how you want your day to be.
  • Have more clarity on what you like and what makes you happy.
  • Gives you confidence. You now know that this event you envision comes from within you, from your soul!

#2 Get It Down – Write!
Start your Wedding Journal. Get a pretty bound book for this. After all, you will use this book regularly and it holds your most important and intimate thoughts, so it should be a very welcoming book – one that entices you to write in it and also makes you feel pretty while doing so :).
After every meditative session (you will have more than one), write in your journal. Record all you saw and felt during your meditative state. These can be recorded in one word descriptors, such as, cozy, intimate, personal etc; sentences/paragraphs or drawings- in whatever way you wish to express yourself. Just get it down!

#3 Get It Out – Talk!
All good ideas must be shared, eventually! So, make sure you sit with your husband-to-be and talk about your vision. Hear his perspective, as it’s his day too. This interaction ties you two together as a couple, preparing you for many more family meetings in the future.
Remember, men are very practical beings. So more often than not, they will get to answering the money questions, we, as women, often avoid. Making them invaluable in this process. 😉

I also suggest, you consider speaking with an experienced wedding planner about special DIY packages.

These packages can include a specific number of consultations with your planner, to help you organize your tasks and assist you in deciding ‘what’s next’, as well as, providing you with some much needed encouragement along the way.

Some wedding planners also offer an “On the Day Of” service. This service provides a team of professionals who work behind the scenes on the day of your wedding and ensure the smooth, orderly flow of events. Proper execution is very necessary, as it ties up all the hard work you have put into Your Day to make it a success. Imagine being so diligent in getting it all together, to have it fall apart on your Special Day. A competent wedding planner can do it right for you.

Just these 3 tips will add life to your planning process and result in the ‘wow’ you seek for your Fabulous Day! No more Zombie Bride! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Zombie Bride: 3 Top Tips for Wedding Planning Survival Success. (First Installation of 4- Part DIY Series: Wedding Planning Survival Success)

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Practical and thoughtful tips for a Bride feeling overwhelmed. This is one time in your life sure to make you nuts but you’re NOT alone.

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